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Welcome to CorDiscovery

Corrinna Counselling

Corrinna Douglas

Registered Clinical Counselor 

We are designed to thrive and experience a life where joy and peace can exist within. Our life journey is as unique as our fingerprints, based on our experiences, beliefs and understanding. Our judgements and perceptions may hinder us from our true SELF,  the CORE of who we are are. At times, we need support with awareness, guidance and healing from what is blocking us from our own authenticity. These 'blocks' may manifest in a way that disconnects us from SELF. CorDiscovery offers an inclusive and multi-faceted approach to therapy,  customized to your unique needs. With over 10 years of experience and licensed as a Registered Clinical Counselor, Corrinna Douglas can help navigate through life's toughest moments, exploring and moving to acceptance and empowerment.

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408-153 Seymour St. Kamloops  B.C

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